William Bennett in The Sky With Diamonds by The Daynursery
1986 CS UK ZSS86025
Track Listing
Side A
Side B
  1. Rabbits Don't Cry - Nocturnal Emmissions
  2. Cronus - Family Patrol Group
  3. The Occasional Me And You - Cause For Concern
  4. The Strange Life Of August Strindberg - Nurse With Wound [artaman23] [t14] [vod66]
  5. Yog Intro - Unkommunity
  6. Tongues Of Boys And Girls - Brides Of Christ II
  7. Self Discipline Not Self Oppression - Opera For Infantry
  8. Psykick Pillocks - Cause For Concern
  9. Point 1 - Berlinerluft
  10. Fleischaken - Kteis Sekret
  11. Laughter For Drowned Men - Opera For Infantry
Incomplete track listing
Thanks to John Podeszwa for the information