Antony and the Air Force

We have Comcast cable at  our house, and you can watch music videos with On Demand. A few months ago I saw Antony & The Johnsons "Hope There's Someone," and enjoyed it, so this weekend when I noticed it was on the list of videos again, I put  it on,...

Havoc is the company who presented the video. On the screen I saw the usual Havoc ad, and then a US Airforce ad started. it was 30-ish seconds long, and it was about why you should join the airforce. That was upsetting to me, because I DO NOT want to watch ads like that, nor do I support the u.s. armed forces tactics for getting young people to join. Besides that, what the hell was this ad doing right before a video by Antony? How on earth had a correlation been made between the airforce and a tender, emotionally charged song by a kind, dear man like Antony?

Well, I chose to try to forget the airforce ad, and started watching the video. And to my utter disgust, about 45 seconds into the video, an informational box came up in the lower left hand corner of the screen that said Air Force, and then a blue blurb started scrolling along the bottom of the screen. It was all about why you should join the airforce.

I turned off the video at that point. I was really angry and really horrified. I cannot imagine that Antony has any idea that his beautiful music is being used to advertise a goverment killing machine, and I'm sure he was not asked about whether the ad could be run over his video. I also feel it is a horrible representaion of Secretly Canadian, and I doubt anyone approached the label about this ad, either.

I hope there is someway to stop this butchering of such of a lovely song and video, and to stop the misrepresentaion of both Antony and Secretly Canadian. please let me know when it will be safe for me to watch this video again without the fear of 1) advertising a product over a music video, and 2) advertising a product as unappetising as the US Military.

thank you.
windy weber
owner of stormy records