Brainwashed, Radio

I'm listening to James Blackshaw's 'O True Believers' which arrived in the mail from Amazon today, so I thought it was as good a time as any to drop you guys a line and say how completely awesome Jon Whitney's Brainwashed radio podcast is. I've been listening to it since podcast 48, so that makes it over a year now that brainwashed has provided me with quality music and exposed me to many new artists.
Deerhunter, James Blackshaw, Jessica Bailiff
It's rekindled my long-dormant interest in Current 93 (Tibet hosting the podcast some time ago helped).
'The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid' should be arriving soon as well.
And of course there are many other artists whose songs are floating around in the back of my head from all those podcasts, whose albums I'll eventually look up and love just as much my current favourites, 'Cryptograms' and 'A Vintage Burden'.
Here's to 100 more podcasts.

Thanks for writing and especially listening!