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Doug Scharin (HiM) and Adam Pierce (Mice Parade) are living proof that it's not always dangerous when a drummer starts a project after being in other bands for years. Scharin's most notable past includes drumming for Codeine, June of '44, Directions in Music, and Rex, while Adam Pierce's other involvements include Dylan Group, founder of Bubble Core, and touring drummer with MíQ. The two became good friends years ago, appearing on each others albums and sharing numerous members for live lineups. We caught them on a crazy night, one of the most cold, bitter nights in Boston, and couldn't get a chance to interview each until after the show, after being kicked to the curb by the club and couldn't keep them too long because they had to get rolling (see Doug interviewed in driver's seat, ready to take off!). Try to count the number of shared musicians on the cramped stage. (Prizes will be awarded.)