I worked, I napped, I showed up just in time to catch the set from Reckankreuzungsklankewerzeuge recording artist Hrvatski. Sadly enough I missed the opening set from Electro Organic Sound System, a local incarnate featuring overlap from the Tone Burst Collective. Listening from the website -, the sounds are nice and I want to catch this guy some time... Hrvatski's set started out rather quiet, somewhat minimal, the beats weren't particularly loud and the bass seemed absent. Drones from the guitar and fx were pretty, however. It was indeed a slow start, but bit by bit things started to fall into place. At the start the audience was growing itchy and restless, by the end the crowd was cheering to Hrvatski's mix of 606's "My Kitten," along with his "Mouldy Old Dough" and other faves. I wasn't prepared for the headliner however. Here I was dissing this guy at every single chance I get, all ready to record my own hit single, "Mike Paradinas Is An Overrated Talentless Lame Knob Twiddler," when he took to the decks and effects and blasted us all. Mu-Ziq's albums I have always found to be dull and boring, with loads of presets and no soul. Tonight's display of aggressive flooring drum and bass was punchy, fresh and exciting. The word from the experts was that it basically wasn't any Mu-Ziq stuff but bits and pieces from his side projects like Kid Spatula. I stand corrected on my former assessments of Mike Paradinas and now plan to sell all my Mu-Ziq material with the intentions of getting his other projects.