Jonathan Dean email

I would appreciate Jonathan Dean's email. He (or you if it is you) is a complete moron.  If he writes such stupid crap about people struggling to make music - and working will little kids so they can - he ought to be able to take whatever he dishes out. Making this music to cash in? Outsider music? Untalented 5 year old kids who don't sound like million dollar big label budgets? What an  idiot.

Moreover, if you are not this idiot, given that there is virtually no magazine or even internet magazine that will cover this kind of work, why must you rely on morons without ears or knowledge to review people's work? Can't you find people who either know about music or its context? Musicians can't ask people to like what they do, but this jerkoff is way beyond that.

Tell you what: since you are obviously upset, go ahead and just reply
to this message and let the expletives fly.  Say whatever you want.
When I see the message pop up in my Inbox, I will simply delete it
without reading it.  That way you will get some much-needed catharsis,
and I can get on with my day.

Read my review carefully and make sure you really have an objection to
it before going around the bend calling total strangers names like
"moron" and "jerkoff."  The review was a sincere piece of writing by
someone who knows quite a bit about music, and about your past work.
It was a well-considered review, and I tried to be as diplomatic as
possible, but it was impossible to give this CD a positive review.
This is just an opinion, not the final word.  We provided brief track
excerpts and a link to your site, so people can make up their own
minds.  This is probably more publicity than the project deserved, in
my opinion.

A tip for the future:  if you don't want bad reviews, don't send out
promos of your work.  If you don't want people to view your work
critically, try not to put disingenuous quotes on the promo sheet that
claim that this or that song is "the best song ever."

And, anyway, shouldn't the kids be writing me to complain, Dave?  I
mean, you do claim that they wrote and performed all of the tracks on
the album, don't you?  This is another thing that made is easy to pick
on you; the fact that the album was credited to someone who admittedly
didn't write or perform any of the tracks.  Sound a bit like