In the tradition of Brainwashed artist sites, sound samples are now available for The Ape of Naples - the final studio album from Coil.  They are located in the site under the "Music" section.

The final studio album from Coil, The Ape of Naples has arrived at Threshold House and is being sold now.  According to Threshold House, "Featuring songs recorded in final days of Jhonn's life, as well as material originally recorded at Trent Reznor's studio in New Orleans, and now substantially re-arranged by Peter Christopherson, this album is sure to be seen as the 'classic' Coil album of all time, and is not to be missed under any circumstances!"

The cover is by Ian Johnstone and the tracklisting is the following:
  1. Fire Of The Mind
  2. The Last Amethyst Deceiver
  3. Tattooed Man
  4. Triple Sun
  5. It's In My Blood
  6. I Don't Get It
  7. Heaven's Blade
  8. Cold Cell
  9. Teenage Lightning 2005
  10. Amber Rain
  11. Going Up
Additionally, "Ian Johnstone, whose work graces the cover of the cd edition, is currently completing on an extremely limited and deluxe hand-made and painted Wooden Box Edition of The Ape of Naples. Limited to 23 in number, and measuring some fourteen inches square and several inches deep, the Boxes will open to reveal framed original artworks, and paintings, as well as the album itself, cut onto three single sided 12" laquers or acetate discs. These discs are individually cut on a lathe in a cutting studio, with all the tracks from the album - while the reverse of each the discs remains obsidian black in best Coil/Time Machines tradition. As soon as the first of these Boxes is complete, we will be advertising it here and you will be able to Subscribe to the Edition via our Shop."