,255,255&extension=.JPG&imageSource=im/articles/couvfrontgeff.jpg&largeurOrigin=594&hauteurOrigin=630&largeur=283&hauteur=300Published by Timeless - 2014 - France
29 x 29 cm - 248 pages in full colors - Hardcover

The first ever extensive overview of art (drawings, paintings and sketches) created by John Balance.
The artworks featured in the book are both finished elaborate hallucinatory pieces as well as quick sketches with a good sprinkling of Balance's often underestimated humour.
Homages to idols and inspirations next to idiosyncratic magical dreamscapes
executed in a wide variety of styles and mediums

Compiled by Liam Thomas and Thighpaulsandra - with text by
Val Denham and Jeremy Reed.

First edition of 500 copies

a video preview is available here: