Killer Pimp will release a 10-song CD from A Place To Bury Strangers, who bear the title of "New York's Loudest Band," on August 13th, 2007. These songs have been recorded over the last few years and for the first time are presented on a fully mastered CD, completely uncompressed in their full glory as they are meant to be heard. Only 500 will be available directly from Brainwashed. Pre-orders are available now at Brainwashed Commerce. Pre-order special: free shipping to anywhere in the world! Read more for MP3 downloads.



A Place To Bury Strangers

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AUGUST 13, 2007

August 13, 2007
US CD Killer Pimp PIMPK004
  1. Missing You
  2. Don't Think Lover
  3. To Fix the Gash In Your Head - [MP3]
  4. The Falling Sun
  5. Another Step Away
  6. Breathe
  7. I Know I'll See You - [MP3]
  8. She Dies
  9. My Weakness - [MP3]
  10. Ocean
Oliver Ackermann - Guitars.Vox.
Jay Space - Drums.
Jono Mofo - Bass.

A Place To Bury Strangers have often been called "the loudest band in New York". This may very well be the case, but unlike much so-called "loud" rock and roll that's out there, APTBS is not loud simply for the sake of it. The sonically overdriven sound they've accomplished is no clumsy accident, but a carefully cultivated and well-maintained entity all its own, fostered by an unbridled passion that's clearly evident in every live show they play and each recording they make. A Place To Bury Strangers does not so much play songs as allow them to pour out. They are songs about longing, heartbreak and confusion played extremely well and at a passionately loud volume.

While there are obvious reference points: Pornography-era Cure, early Ride, My Bloody Valentine, and pre-1990s Jesus and Mary Chain, the sound is all their own, in part due to singer/guitarist Oliver Ackermann's day job of building custom guitar pedals (see Coupled with the solid bass of Jono Mofo and the relentless drumming of Jay Space, the APTBS team is a force to reckon with.

These ten songs have been floating around for years on CD-Rs sold at shows and MP3s circling around the Internet, but are presented here uncompressed in their full glory, professionally mastered for CD. From the time that Killer Pimp first approached APTBS to release these songs until the time of the release, interest in the band has exploded, they have played South By Southwest, and have been offered recording deals with bigger sized labels. We're excited to release these songs because even as self-recorded tracks they are all blistering, intense, energetic, and powerful. Once again with this release, we will only have 500 copies to sell and we anticipate them selling fast.

At the time of release, many of these songs are being given new treatments for a wider release on a larger label. This disc serves as a document of the songs dirty and raw early incarnations and will no doubt become a collectors' item over time.

"If the modern electro-opulence of The Faint and the stark, attacking wall of sound-scapes of the Jesus & Mary Chain ever made eyes at each other in the dank corners of a smokey club, New York city's A Place To Bury Strangers would be their one night stand love child. The NYC trio have taken cues from JAMC's earlier years of ear-blowing feedback made into warped melodies and the sexy swagger and slither of bass-fueled synths. The lyrics follow suit with the stripped down simplicity of a Buddy Holly song gone wrong with so simple its clever lines like, "I wanna mess you up / I wanna beat you up"." - Filter

"The image of rock 'n' roll turned inside out: all the ugly viscera spilling out in an excess of anger, ghostly melodies, and crushing noise." - Lucas Schleicher, Brainwashed

"Warning to the close minded: this is unlike anything you've ever heard." - Free Indie

Innocent bystanders blinded by flashing lights, ears trickling blood, grown men crying for their mothers, fragile women clutching their heads in a Munchian silent scream? Was this the apocalypse? No, just an early A Place to Bury Strangers show.
While I acknowledged the officially pronounced Loudest Band in NYC moniker quite impressive, I was happy to hear the deeply brooding melodies seep through the wall of fuzz, spread thickly with a belligerently European drone from the miniscule Oliver Ackermann. Ackermann had garnered no small respect on the NYC circuit in his former band Skywave, and was head-hunted by several prominent bands before joining forces with the lankiest man on the Costa del Ludlow, Gregorio. Co-founder and bass player Tim Gregorio, (first band at the age of 10), cut his rock teeth on punk with his band Virus, giving himself a reality check of life on the road. Thank God the little fool came back for more. Tim plays each show like it's his last one, and so comparisons are drawn with finger-shredders that came before him, justifiably so.
APTBS wear occasionally elaborate sleeves on which to show their hearts, and the big beating one that strikes you immediately is their love affair with the Reid brothers. Gregorio is very generous toward other Jesus and Mary Chain acolytes, where others are but mean-spirited, citing volume as a plus. This is a profound can of worms for APTBS with their friends asking if they can sell designer earplugs at their shows, yet the Volume and the Beauty works for Mogwai (this particular attendee screaming "louder!" at all shows) so turn it down to 11 yeah boys? "Don't let the insane amount of distortion come between you and the cover of the NME", wrote one friend. Drummer Jay Space executes his anger management homework on stage, providing the freight train to Ackermann's Luftwaffe drawl and Gregorio's distant roaring Triumph.
Well-loved and respected faces around the circuit in this den of iniquity, APTBS should be, in a fair world, on the same bill as BRMC, Spiritualized and the Warlocks. There is a new breed of bands in NYC, of whom APTBS are a leading exponent. Supportive of their fellow bands, their friends attest to their drive and passion, and generosity of rock'n'roll spirit. - Basia Zamorska, Indie911.