The whole lot of fall releases from The Legendary Pink Dots, Edward Ka-Spel and the Silverman are now available for mail order direct from Beta-Lactam Ring Records in Portland.

From Beta-Lactam's release notes;

mt090 - Edward Ka-Spel 'A Red Long Ladder to the Moon' CD
A resonance of weightless ascension? More like an old kit bag full of songs and ruminations made to be sung whilst climbing, hoping for a taste of green cheese.

mt096 - The Silverman 'Nature of Illusion' 2CD
Features a special vocal performance by Edward Ka-Spel. One of the truest indications of a good record is when it sounds like something is starting to go wrong with the car while listening to it. For fans of Fax and Emit label, Mirror, old school Ina Grm works, La Monte Young, Ivo Malec...

mt101 - Legendary Pink Dots 'A Dream is a Dream is a Dream' DVD
Region Free DVD. This historical DVD release is the earliest known live-concert footage of the group recorded live in 1987 featuring the 6 piece line up.

mt113 - Edward Ka-Spel 'Laugh China Doll' CD
Each CD will have a coupon to receive a bonus CD of new material once all the solo albums of Edward have been reissued. In 1984 when "Laugh China Doll" and "Dance, China Doll" first appeared, it was difficult enough to try and suss the Legendary Pink Dots. For the few, the proud, the brave who actually had some of the early cassettes, it was apparent that LPDs' had some serious avant-garde habits.

mt112 - Edward Ka-Spel 'Happy New Year' CD
Available Now! Ed. of 325 numbered copies in a 6 color gatefold boardstock sleeve and insert. Normally it begins with kisses so clumsily delivered that I've been known to have traces of lipstick on my eyeballs the next day. Still New Year's Eve 2004 was a different kind of occasion.

mt054 - Edward Ka-Spel 'O Darkness! O Darkness! LP
Available Now! This is the standard/non-gimmick sleeve edition. Vinyl only release and all copies on 180 gram audiophile vinyl in a heavy boardstock gatefold cover. "Before the soul can hear, the image has to become as deaf to the roarings as to whispers, ...