Tour dates are coming in for the first Meat Beat Manifesto tour in years. Additionally, the website now features images and sound samples from THREE upcoming releases involving Jack Dangers: At the Center, the new Meat Beat Manifesto album on Thirsty Ear's Blue Series; Drums of Death as presented by DJ Spooky and Dave Lombardo and produced by Jack Dangers; and "Lovefingers"/"Radio Free Republic" 7" single on Brainwashed. The new Brainwashed single celebrates the 9th Anniversary of, as Meat Beat Manifesto was the first band website launched on It is catalogue number 009 and a pre-order edition of 53 hand-made copies by Jack Dangers is available in the Brainwashed Commerce section for $9.99. The regular edition will be limited to 500 copies and will be available on June 1st.