One year on from his untimely death, Divine Frequency have announced that they are reissuing some of Jhonn Balance's work from outside Coil. Grief will be released on limited edition 7" picture disc and will feature "Grief" by Tactile and "The Snowman" by Rosa Mundi.

Visuals are provided by Simon Marsden and Twilight Photography. Proceeds from this release will go to the Dark Star Fund which is concerned with unearthing lost musical gems and giving them the reissue they deserve.

 Grief will be limited to 777 copies and will be priced at $16 to the USA and €16 to the rest of the world (both including postage). Unfortunately there is no release date as of yet but Divine Frequency hope to have it on sale in the coming weeks.

From the press release:

As a memorial and a tribute to the art, life, and passing of a truly gifted artist and silver tongued poet, Divine Frequency Records would like to present "Grief", a limited 7 inch picture disc featuring the voice of Jhonn Balance. This release presents a solemn pair of hard to find and out of print tracks featuring Jhonn Balance as guest vocalist.

Besides his work as Coil, Balance was an avid collaborator and his voice was an infrequent but always noteworthy addition to the recordings of other artists. It was this spirit of experimentation that was the inspiration for the two tracks on this release.

The A side, "Grief", by Tactile, is Balance's foreboding, minimalist collaboration with John Everall, originally appearing on the hopelessly out of print and much sought after "Borderlands" album. The B side features "The Snowman," by Rosa Mundi, which is a tranquil wintry piece featuring his vocals as well as those of Rose McDowall. This piece originally appeared on Sorrow's now out of print "Final Solstice" cd. Many thanks to Rose, Mr. Everall, and Threshold House for their blessing of this release.

Featuring stark black and white imagery from Simon Marsden and Twilight Photography, this release is presented in the form of a simple but elegant picture disc strictly limited to 777 copies. All profits from the sale of this release will be donated to the Dark Star Fund, which has been established to help release lost and forgotten musical works which would not otherwise see the light of day. More detailed information on the Dark Star Fund will be available before the end of the year.

This disc will soon be available for sale at the price of 16$ postpaid to the usa or 16 euro postpaid anywhere else in the world. We will be ready to accept orders most likely within the coming week, and most certainly by the end of the month. Unfortunately, since our mail-order department is still being organized, we will NOT have any more information about this release or about ordering or reserving it until then, at which time we will make another announcement.

Best wishes to all,
Sister Elizabeth

Divine Frequency Records