The Hafler Trio are in the planning stages of launching a subscription-based service as an outlet for special limited edition releases and other objects. Feedback is being encourged at this stage.
Joining the series will entitle subscribers to exclusive materials in a variety of formats on a monthly basis. This will possibly (and most likely) include a 3" DVD-R with specially prepared 5.1 and DTS audio and video, in a hand-made numbered edition, access to online exclusives and many other documents and as yet unknown elements still in the planning stages.

It is to be stressed that as with other h3o projects, this is not to be compared to any other online subscription producing fan editions or similar, it is intended as a unique platform for original materials which will grow into a series outside of the usual commercial routes. The intentions are to be an ongoing and active project of creation, not a documentation of past works or bonus material.

There are many other possibilities being discussed and this is where feedbaclk is encouraged. The nature of what is achievable is dependent on the amount of people interested in joining.
Please follow the link below and let h3o know if you would be interested in such a project and any further suggestions you might have. How much you would consider paying for it is being requested as a guide, bearing in mind at the least you will receive an exclusive DVD and all items produced by this imprint will only be available to subscribers. Being a subscriber also means that you are directly helping the continuation of h3o works by the support of your subscription.
Thank you for your attention.