V/Vm is steppin' out with some live dates with Al Duvall in the UK, a Belgian Beat CD release, has new downloads available online, and has an update on the Caretaker 6 CD set. Read on for the latest. V/VM LIVE IN EUROPE - AL DUVALL LIVE IN THE UNITED KINGDOM
God bless Joe Jackson once again as V/Vm hits the road this week as the first part of the Easy Tour hits Paris first, then Berlin. Hence this quickly assembled BULLETIN of sorts. There really is so much happening here that you really would be confused into believing that there was a crack team at work such is the rate of action, reaction, upload and download and other general tasks handled by yours truely on my one way road to STOMACH ULCER hell.

Ok the short tour info is here, i will call in at Paris, Berlin and Bristol all on budget airline travel. The Berlin show will be special as it's the first time V/Vm has played in Berlin since 1998's Volksbuhne fiasco. To celebrate this i will be doing a one off special noise set so if you like Morr Music it's not gonna be for you at all, so don't bother coming because i don't want you there complaining that it doesn't sound like Lali-Puna or ISAN. No miming is planned, no rolling around will be done, no dancing will happen - there will be nothing to see and it will sound unbearable. The hard $ell starts here. Paris will be freestyle and will be dependent on MOOD so i hope to see some old Parisian friends there once again as this will be the last show there for some time i would imagine. In Bristol i perform as part of the Venn Festival.

All show and venue details are here >>>>

The king of the sea shanty AL DUVALL hits the U.K. for the first time at the end of this month, be sure not to miss him on his sort tour as he is well worth your pounds and is even playing a show in Stockport (on appropriately the 06/06/06) !!! For those who loved his "butler's revenge" release he is unmissable so book the date nearest to you in your diary and skip your way to the appropriate venue to be dazzled by Al's birdcage audio routines.

Fast Lady also perform in Birmingham on the 6th of June (06/06/06) at the 'Jug of Ale'. Be sure to catch these machine rockers in action. Alas i shall be with Al Duvall in Stockport but will be there in spirit. Hooray for Rock.

There is a thirteen track Belgian New-Beat cd on the way which you can pre-order now along with a 12" coming real soon on me/we/we/me records out of Belgium. Both will be dispatched on the 6/6/06 but you can pre-order both now via the following links, securing your copies now as well as looking at a whole host of other releases i am stocking on other labels. I will mention these in more detail next month when they are out properly.
http://brainwashed.com/vvm/shop/vvm/vvmtcd89.htm (V/VM - SABAM - cd £5.00)
http://brainwashed.com/vvm/shop/other/mewe/weme05_vvm.htm (V/VM - MADE IN BELGIUM - 12" - £7.00)
http://brainwashed.com/vvm/news/various/20060510_shopnewadditions.htm (LATEST ADDITIONS TO THE V/VM SHOP IN MAY)

The 6CD set is almost complete and i will begin the process of posting pre-ordered copies out when i return from Europe on the 6th of June. The set comes complete with an eight page full colour DVD sized booklet which has been designed by The Caretaker and features extensive sleeve notes by K-Punk who does a remarkable job in capturing in words the spirit of the audio captured within each disc. Remarkably of course the cost of this set is only £16 inc p&p. which for a 6CD set by a label in debt is a good deal. Many thanks to the people who have pre-ordered the set, it looks like it will just about break even which is a real result this end as i couldn't afford to go deeper in debt. The set can still be pre-ordered upto the 6th of June for the £16 price and only those pre-ordered copies will be numbered. The price will rise after the release of the set and these copies will not be numbered or personalised. Thanks as ever with your support of this release and of the label.

Nearly two hundred and fifty audio pieces uploaded already this year, it's an insane non-stop task which is unprecidented in the electronic realm. Will we see its like again ? Burn it, use and abuse it.
http://brainwashed.com/vvm/micro/vvmt365/index.htm (PROJECT INDEX)
http://brainwashed.com/vvm/releases/vvmtest/vvmt365_04.htm (APRIL DOWNLOADS)


If you get in touch with me between the 23rd of May and the 6th of June don't expect an immediate response as i'm not gonna be around to check Emails as i need a break from machines while i'm away this time around. Any orders placed between those dates will be sorted when i am back. The 365 project will be updated when i return from playing shows as finding stable connections is difficult and i'd rather spend an afternoon drinking in a Euro bar than looking for a connection. If you do get in touch or pre-order any releases like i said don't worry i will sort it when i get back so silence this end is GOOD.

Thanks for reading and the support of the label. Next year i'm out of here on an extended sabbatical so enjoy it while you can././

"Me babe - steppin out, into the night, into the light. You babe - steppin out, into the night, into the light."