A Wire update has been issued by Pink Flag detailing digital downloads now available from PostEverything.com and rare "alternative" videos now posted to the new Wire page at YouTube!

from the update:


Digital Availabilities
After a  rather protracted period of R&D posteverything has quietly launched it’s digital service in the last few days. Pinkflag releases may be found by going to  posteverything.com/pinkflag   or  posteverything.com/wire . The site has a lot of new features, most notably the radio (tip, log in to hear full length clips) and of course plenty of releases by projects  associated with Wire However of most direct interest to this list will be the fact that all the, long out of print,  early pinkflag releases are now available in digital format. These include - “The Third Day”, “It’s All In The Brochure”  & “Twelve Times You”. Also we are making available Wir’s “Vien,” a CD  originally released by Touch in 1997. This item will mark the 1st of our “digital only” availabilities, something we will be exploring in the fullness of time. All PE digital files are lame encoded 320kbps DRM free MP3s. Unfortunately neither pinkflag or posteverything currently have the rights to sell items originally on EMI on Mute but we are working on possible solutions to this.

Wire Online
It doubtless will not have escaped anyone's notice that Wire has a rather popular Myspace and that pinkflag.com is currently displaying a “tease” page. The new pinkflag.com is actually quite an extensive site and nearly finished. It will have news, a full discography (with lyrics), a gallery and a download  page etc etc. and is part of Wire strategy for gradual but determined resumption of activity. Expect news and expect developments but don’t ask us what they are right now.

YouTube Wire - The "Alternative" Videos
Alongside of its MySpace Wire also has an official YouTube page at youtube.com/user/wirehq which is a little sparse as we only post videos we have rights too there. However YouTube has more to offer the interested Wire fan than excepts from "On the Box" tagged as "rare punk video" or Mute era videos recorded from MTV as there is now a small industry of video "interpretations" of Wire songs. By far the most popular title being "Outdoor Miner" of which there are 3 versions - youtube.com/watch?v=JWPBuoFs3Mg, youtube.com/watch?v=A1whNdfaknM & youtube.com/watch?v=ek0G0Fr33Fo. Along side are videos for "Champs" and the vaguely unsettling reading of "Love Ain't Polite ". However the most fascinating must be the 1990 "disco" video for "I Am The Fly " which manages to be, lo-fi, funny, psychedelic & groovy all that the same time. Congrats to Gaz, Stu, Ian & Nay..

And Finally
We’d like to make this list a little more active (although we won’t be overburdening your spam filters anytime soon). Once the new pinkflag site is up and running these communications can provide a complimentary information source to the news on the site, flagging up new & re-activated availabilities and perhaps  providing a little rumour and innuendo which wouldn’t fit comfortably into a “news” item.  
The new site will have a feedback form so you can send messages to pinkflag to wire so please don’t reply to this message.

All the best