cut-up of Rimbaud texts

I'm offended by those who consider art to be just (or even mostly) content.
What I always knew about Rimbaud and which I grow to appreciate more and more
as I research him for my "opera" [working title: 'Les deserts de
l'amour'], is that his genius as a poet is primarily in his FORM. This cut-up
crap destroys the very essence of his poetry. Anyone can think up a sequence of
provocative images on their own, without having to pillage them from complete,
form/content-integrated works of art written by others.

Sure, whatever.
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Mick Gaffney

I would very much like to get in touch with Mick Gaffney.  Please ask him to
email me if possible. Thanks!

Sorry, don't have the info.
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hi.... robert king stierle here.

i humbly submit my latest original palindrome to your most esteemed collection.

"In words, alas, drown I."

can be shortened to "In words, drown I."
or lengthened to "In word salad, alas, drown I."
but i prefer the first one.

thanx for publishing my other original palindromes.
Dogma in my hymn: I am God!
No, Sir. Panic is a basic in a prison.

i would be cool if you could include a link to my homepage somewhere on your

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i just wanted to say that i'm interested by a lot of artists on your site(monte
cazzaza,diamanda galas..)
but your site is very confused.
1st when we write the name of the artists in search we go on news not on their
main page and sometime we go nowhere.2nd it's not clear to understand WHAT you
do? a platform? a rewiev site...
and there is too much informations all mixed.
except that i like your site.

We host music websites and reviews and a whole lot of other things.

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Jonathan Dean's "Domino"

Mr. Dean, you are a very talented writer.  Your piece about "Domino" was
thoroughly engrossing.  I, too, am a good writer, but I could never, ever,
write such a piece, or any piece for that matter, with such content, diction
and flair.  You are to be commended for such a talent.  This comes from a
gun-toting conservative who would likely disagree with most (if not all) of
your political views, but would nonetheless read such views were they written
with such amazing prose.  

Thank you.  I feel enlightened.

Thanks for reading.
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jarman soundtrack

in summer 2003 i was visiting the tate modern in london and had the chance to
see a film by derek jarman called "studio bankside" that was being displayed
there. the film had a soundtrack by coil that the tate had commissioned.  would
you hapen to know whether that music is available? is it on any of your discs?
any information you might have would be greatly appreciated! thanks so much for
your help.

Sorry, no idea, but now that this feedback is online and if anybody has an answer, we'll post it here.
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Dear Sir or Madame

We are looking for a new interested music stuff for our distro.

Where i can buying yours records?? Directly from your or from
your eastern european distributions section?
just let me know!

The entire brainwashed catalogue is available at - contact us personally with specific items you're interested in and quantites and we can work something out.  Due to the limited stock and nature of our releases, overseas distributors and stores must pay up front.  There are no exceptions.  Thanks for your interest.

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