How's this for Hollywood trash? Sure, it's a movie about the insane asylum days of the Marquis de Sade (from which Sadism was coined for all you newbie gawths), but it's very VERY loosely based on historical events. Keep in mind if you see this that the film is in fact based on the play, and should be viewed for entertainment purposes ONLY. Aside from that the performance by Geoffrey Rush was incredible as Sade, the elegant and innovative use of sound was a pleasant unexpected surprise, and the supporting cast of imbeciles was exciting to watch. However, I can't get past a few grave inaccuracies and personal issues.

First of all, why is it that every character in Hollywood films based in 18th century France talk with an English accent? Second of all, the books written were enormous, not the thin, paperback looking props used on the set in this Hollywood flick. Worst of all, however was the presence of Joaquin Phoenix, whose acting abilities are abhorrable and fading/reappearing accent was an embarassment. The scene where he's conducting the imbecile choir was downright painful to watch. As for Michael Caine, well I have no opinion on him except that it truly seems some times that he is indeed in every film ever made. While this film was entertaining and well-done, I am looking to cleanse my palette and numb my mind with "Dude, Where's My Car."