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Slammin' mutherfuckingballsy-ass shit. This debut CD release is probably the most excitedI've been about a new rock-genred band in as long as I can remember.The energy is fierce, the music is fast, funky and full of wakka wakkaguitars, crazy effects, beefy bass chops, electronic and organic drums,wild cheering, hoards of percussion and a splash of horns.

Amidst allof this the vocals are remeniscent of Cabaret Voltaire's "Kino" whilethe music echoes the vigorous drive of Wire's "Advantage in Height."Perhaps this is what New Fast Automatic Daffodills wanted to achieve adecade ago but failed. The songs are insanely energetic and almostuncontrollably make you want to shake your ass. There's a bit of debateon how to pronounce "!!!" as well as how to search for it in recordshops and on the web. While the group allegedly claims it can be anyone-syllable word repeated three times, (like POW POW POW or CHICKCHICK CHICK or YEAH YEAH YEAH) most Unix geeks will say it is without adoubt pronounced "Bang Bang Bang." Linguistics specialists would arguethat "!" can represent a ticking sound common in African language -hence "!!!" would sound like one of those shameful scorns which usuallyaccompany a shaking head. If you really want to buy this, you probablywon't be able to search many online stores, so try the label's websiteat