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Although it's not quite like catching this electronic performer live, it is a nice artifact to own.
I've only been to one Wollsheid performance,an installation where various mechanisms placed around the room wouldclick in rhythmic patterns triggered by laptop computer software. Allthe while, in various corners music would eminate from speakers - thesound sources being both of the computer and primitive tape loops beingthreaded and re-threaded during the entire performance. This CD fromMille Plateaux captures the audio from a performance last May byWollscheid at Radio X in Frankfurt, Germany. For 60 minutes, brokenevenly into six 10:00 minute tracks, Wollscheid plays with variousnightmarish music. Vinyl record sounds, low-end primitive instrumentdrones, gongs and percussives become combined with sound effects,pulses and rhythms, and random unrepetitious patterns of pings, beepsand sonics. Unpredictable and imaginative, it's got a beautiful flowand would sit nice next to a full collection of Wollscheid recordingsof similar performances. Alas, many of these recordings are for themost part quite difficult to locate.