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Antony & The Johnsons, "I Fell in Love With a Dead Boy"

Three days in mypossession and I can't stop playing this three tracker over and overagain. For those who have been fortunate enough to witness Antony &the Johnsons live, this provides an excellent souvenir of favorites noton the debut album.

Other fans would enjoy this as a great companion tothe eponymous release. The title track is a touching yet unsettlinglove song. With the simple chord structure echoing old standards, ittoo can easily become a timeless classic. In addition to this, thesingle's rounded out by two covers: Current 93's "Soft Black Stars" and"Mysteries of Love," originally performed by Julee Cruise, written byDavid Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti. Like the subject of the song, themysteries are all sort of becoming clear now. Until recently had I notmade a surrealistic David Lynch connection. The whole experience ofAntony & the Johnsons live and on record sort of all make senseunder a twisted yet beautiful mentality of works like Twin Peaks, BlueVelvet and Wild At Heart. Perhaps the popularity of Goldfrapp and JayJay Johanson can also be attributed to the attractive simliar sort offilm-noir qualities combined with delicate beauty. - Jon Whitney