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People into the collaborative efforts between Nurse With Wound and Aranos might be in for a little surprise with this one.
Violinist Aranos has released hisfirst solo post-Noise Museum full lengther on his own label, Pieros. Onthis disc, Petr Vastl (a.k.a. Aranos) has tapped more into his Gypsyroots, making a more folk sounding album crossed with influences of hisIrish surroundings. It's a great listen but difficult to review forNurse With Wound fans as it's much simpler and much different than hiswork with Steven Stapleton. There's no cut ups, noise nor soundmanipulation going on here. Perhaps I'm not used to his singing, butthen again how many Tom Waits fans really loved his voice the firsttime they heard it,... More difficult than that is the fact that nodistributor is carrying it currently. To obtain it right now, you haveto email Aranos himself at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and see what kind of deal he'd like to work out with you depending on where you live! It's good to be alive.