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Clear your mind for asecond, forget all you know about modern minimalism, listen to thesound samples below and consider the fact that Tietchens has beenreleasing electronic music for over 20 years.
  For this album, Tietchenshas been picked up by Ritornell - Mille Plateaux's 'minimal' label.Unlike the drones of modern minimalists, he draws on various differentgenres and influences from classical to process music of some of themid 20th Century electronic composers. Tietchens achieves somethingrare in modern minimalists - a balance between high and low end sounds,where everything has its intentional place - nothing sounds random orhaphazardly assigned. Every sound develops and becomes solid in thelistener's mind. While there is a clear flow to the music, it simplydoesn't go in one ear and out the other. Listen to the sounds below butkeep in mind the crummy computer speakers combined with MP3 compressionwill not give you the rich listening experience and depth yourentertainment room or even a great pair of headphones could.