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Packaged in a flimsybaggy with a black and white book of artwork, Art-IC Culture in Swedenbrings this Aube release, constructed using only glass as the soundsource.artwork, Art-IC Culturein Sweden brings this Aube release, constructed using only glass as thesound source. While each album from Aube utilizes one non traditionallymusical source, the sounds and music are never dull or boring. Themusic on "Shade-Away" is considerably more pulsing and rhythmic thanolder somewhat droney recordings. It features tones of clanging glassin spots as well as low end scraping, looped and modified. Crunchedglass and crackling shards accent the appropriately titled track"Trample," while "Rebounce" sounds like it could be a bunch of drinkingglasses rustling underneath a repeated loop of other tones. Thepackaging for Aube releases is usually unique to each release andfrequently something completely new in general -- with examples likeMetal de Metal housed in a metal sleeve, Pages from a Book housed intorn pages from the bible or Aqua Syndrome packaged in a liquid filledpastic baggy thing -- this one is somewhat of a let down but I guess acouple of pieces of glass could be bought to house this CD with book. - Jon Whitney