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Growing up together, thetwo brothers in Bedhead were separated from the two brothers of Machawhen their families each moved away.
Keeping in touch, Bedhead sentMacha some unfinished tapes, which Macha gladly completed. Presentedhere are the last studio recordings known of to surface from Bedhead,given a special treatment, with instruments added that you'd neverexpect like vibes and horns. Throughout the whole disc, you neverforget the fact that it is truly the wonderful Bedhead people worldwidelove. (I wish I could speak with more authority on Macha but alas, I'min the dark.) The disc is sadly enough merely an EP at slightly over ahalf hour's worth of 6 songs (and 86 tracks). Introspective andbeautiful, this disc ends on a cheery note as they break into a coverof Cher's "Believe" accompanied by a cheap drum machine and telephonetouch-tones.