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Belle and Sebastian are arguably the best Brit-pop band to come out of the UK since The Smiths.
 They have a beautiful balance: happy upbeat pop music with verytouching lyrics and emotional vocals. The new single is available inthree formats, 7", 12", and CD -- all of which have different querksabout them (which is slightly annoying since this material will not beon the upcoming album). Regardless, "Legal Man," shows a new directionfor the group. It features The Maisonettes, whom I assume providecongos and vocals on the title track. The song is extremely short, onlytwo-and-a-half minutes, but worth the $4. It's predictable Brit-pop,but has a hint of old beach music splashed in - just in time for thesummer. The cutesy female vocals sing, "get out of the city and intothe sunshine - get out of the office and into the springtime!" On the7" this track is backed by "Winter Wooskie," a sad, but upbeat lovesong with very quaint piano work. The 12" doesn't feature this track,but instead features "Judy is a Slap Dick (extended mix)," and the CDsfeatures all three normal versions. A very nice taste of what to lookforward to in their new fourth album, "Fold Your Hands Child, You WalkLike a Peasant," which I can't wait to get my hands on June 6th.