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Bogus Blimp are a 6 pieceNorwegian 'apocalyptic film rock' band and this is their debut albumfollowing up on last year's "Men-Mic" EP, both from Oslo label JesterRecords.
  "Cords. Wires" seems to be a concept album though it's beendifficult for me to fully grasp the concept. I think it's set in thefuture with the 'President of the World' calling upon all citizens tosave the human race as the Devil later declares "give me worlddomination by five o'clock tea". Very humorous, especially when youhear the bizarre combination of vocals and narrative from the variouscharacters (some human, some machine) and musical potpourri. The'spectacular rock orchestra' of Bogus Blimp includes guitar, bass,organ, piano, electronics, samples, singing saw and drums. The musicranges from dark and brooding evil to quiet and subdued introspectionthrough light to heavy jazz rock and industrial and ambientsoundscapes, all with a cinematic flair and a campy sense of blackhumor throughout. The 8 minute mini-epic "Flight to the Future" buildsfrom solo piano into a frenzied wall of rock sound with the mantra of"flight to the future, to the world of plastics" followed by the quietpiano and singing saw of "Things to Come" to bring the album to atranquil close. I'm not quite sure what the literal conclusion of thestory is but that doesn't make "Cords. Wires" any less of a very uniqueand interesting listening experience. It's a lot of fun ...