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Casiotone For the Painfully Alone, "Pocket Symphonies For the Lonesome Subway Cars"

This has got to be the worst CD I have ever listened to ten times in arow. Strange but true, this disc of juvenile adventures on cheap18-year-old keyboards in late night bedrooms is fucking terrible yetsomewhat addictive.
I think he's even singing through headphones!Half-way between pathetic and endearing is the mood as between tracks,clicks are clearly heard as plugs are pulled from keyboards which areall too recognizable from nearly all of our youths. (Seriously, eitheryou had a cheap Casio yourself or had a friend who did.) Owen Ashworth,clearly a bored Californian dork (now living in Portland) with highenough connections to get him distributed, sings songs about lostsweaters, boyfriends, Lil' Kim, The Cure, working as retail clerk, anda whole mess of things which make you want to smack his face upside thehead for. He sounds honest though, and I think that's the hook that'sgot me confused the most. In a setting like Magnetic Fields, songs likethis might work well between full-band songs, especially if thesongwriter wasn't half bad, but if I was stuck on a desert island withonly this disc, I would surely kill myself. This guy is destined for amild amount of novelty indie-kitch stardom. Pass me the puke bucket.Let me go on record by saying "cassingle" has to have been one of theworst inventions of the 1980s, along with "Reagenomics" and "Wham".