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Trumpet player Rob Mazurek has been fronting many incarnations of the Chicago Underground since the mid 90s.
This is the second full-lengther from the Duo andstretches about 40 minutes over 8 random length improvised numbers. Asthe ensemble gets smaller, the directions get considerably moreexperimental and electronic. 'Synesthesia' opens up with a multi-part12 minute long piece, "Blue Sparks,..." with a sound that could haveeasily been influenced by watching loads of 1960s sci-fi flicks. "TramTransfer Nine" closes the CD with a cut up experimental track worthy ofrecognition of any experimental brainwashed band fan. Having the albumengineered by John McEntire might have had a role in the more daringsound, but sources close to me say that McEntire merely strategicallybrings out what the band wants to really sound like and accomplish,...Another guest on the disc is the Sea and Cake's front man, Sam Prekoptwiddling with a Moog midway through the disc. When you see the Duo inconcert, the setup is simple Mazurek on trumpet and Chad Taylor on thedrums AND vibraphone. More than just a percussionist, Taylor beats outthe rhythms with his right hand while chiming in the melodies with theleft. Tortoise/Isotope member Jeff Parker often joins in to completemore of the sound.