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Recorded at liveperformances in Maine and Massachusetts last March, this disc combinesthe tape loops and experimental noises from Thomas DiMuzio with thelive drumming of Chris Cutler.
  It's scratchy and irritating at times,almost completely rhythmically void, but evolves and changes with loudcrashing beats sounding in, breaking the feel. The use of silence andpauses combined with loud chirps and bangs is effective at thebeginning, most definitely playing the role of the calm before thestorm. In due time, the sounds all come together in a soup of abrasiveaudio. Gone on this recording for the most part is the low-end dronesfrom previous studio recordings of DiMuzio, leading me to want tocouple this disc with drones from another source (try Windy & Carlor Main). While it is an excellent listen, it does often at times soundlike a couple guys just making noise without any true direction.