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Christian Kleine, "Valis"

The multi-talented German instrumentalist has followed-up last year's'Beyond Repair' LP with this somewhat dull EP on Morr. Once again,organic bass guitar and guitar riffs are looped alongside somewhatslow-driving 4/4 instrumental electronics.
Kleine is almost tooreserved in his approach to music, however, working more on repeatableriffs and atmospheric percussion and treated keyboard sounds than arock solid driving melody. While his music is quite pleasant and wouldbe a major hit with Boards of Canada fans, the lack of a leadinstrument on nearly all tracks leaves me thinking there's somethingmissing. Slow, instrumental electronic music is becoming to get alittle overdone, and the volumes of different artists are beginning topile up and sort of blend together. Even the middle song, "Several,"with its delicately treated guitars could easily pass for a fantasticNotwist-esque number, yet it's completely missing the all-importantlead voice, however. Perhaps it's time for Kleine to stop working withother nerdy gearhounds and find himself a trumpet player, violinist orsinger.