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This excellentraster-noton release is really worth getting. It's a strange andintelligent little EP, with a nice balance between tightly controlledminimalism and playful goofiness. Very impressive!
"Chickenspin" is a thin and tightly controlled soundtrack for Santa'selves at work. I like the part where the boss walks in and they all getbusy.
Jhon Balance's lyrics on "Silence is Golden" are wonderfully kinky, andthe music on this piece, alternately jaunty minimalist pluck and darkominous pulse, is effectively schizophrenic. As if Balance werePersephone, skipping gaily through a field of Asphodels in a littlewhite frock, unaware of something enormous homing in... like a shift offocus from figure to ground. The way he says "My love is endless" givesme shudders. The lyrics on this are really extra-deliscious, likehaving phone sex with H.P. Lovecraft.
"Their new polka" is wobbly and perky, like a tightly spinning jewel giving offdelighted tones as it slowly runs out of energy.
"46 things I did today" is a pretty little music box tune which turns into afrantic and tense reflection of Annie Anxiety's spoken word list of activities.Her list occasionally falls into rhymes which briefly create exciting rhythmsagainst the music...
COH is Russian (living in Sweden) Ivan Pavlov, and I see his posts onthe Coil email list now and then -- what's his story? I'm suddenly afan.