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Coil, "Moon's Milk (In Four Phases)"

Most fans have probably collected each one of the seasonal Solstice& Equinox singles back when they were released in 1998. Now thatthey're long out of print, a reasonably priced collection takes theirplace.With one slight addition: a live version of "Amethist Deceivers"recorded somewhere in Europe in 2001. The first phase: the SpringEquinox single, "Moon's Milk or Under an Unquiet Skull," was theirfirst release with then full-time member, violist Bill Breeze. It'scomprised of two drone-a-licious 8+ minute parts which sound prettymuch like different takes on the same track. The next single, theSummer Solstice is made up of four vocal songs featuring viola and madelectronics. "Glitch" artists could easily learn something about songcomposition and using the laptop noise as a piece of the puzzle ratherthan isolate it and bore the listener. Disc two features phases threeand four, with guests like Rose McDowell on the dark masterpiece, "RosaDecidua" and their version of "Christmas is Now Drawing Near". Autumn'sfive songs to me don't seem terribly seasonally thematic, not nearly asmuch as songs "Summer Substructures" and "Bee Stings" from the summerEP and "A White Rainbow" and "Christmas" from the winter EP. Idistinctly remember being the most excited about the Autumn releasesongs. Over three years later, "Switches" and "Amethyst Deceivers"still bring chills to my spine. Here, the group ran the spectrum fromelectric charges to thunderous percussion holding nothing back. Theroar of the dark winter rolls in for the winter EP, which lyricallyalmost attempts to tie a connection as balance sings, "Moon's milkspills from my unquiet skull and forms a white rainbow." Once again,the music also jumps around from styles, through glitch and viola vocaltracks to a reverberant sound collage, a serene digital bubblebath withspoken word, ending up on the string heavy Christmas song with Rose.It's a pain indeed to buy these all over again, and Coil have alludedto a live release so the bonus track could very well surface somewhereelse. It's nice to have all the songs together without having to switchCDs every 25 minutes. -