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Glitch music is quickly becoming the new jungle: a newborn style that artists, both old and new, look to for inspiration.Take Danny Zelonky, AKA Low Res/PlugResearch. Under his Crank guise, Danny explores the same sonicterritory pioneered by Pole (a landscape now threatened byover-population), but injects enough character into his music to makeit his own. Eschewing the ear-and-mindbending style of dub favored bysaid digital drop-out technicians for jazz, "Heftibag" can best bedescribed as Miles' "Live Evil" as remixed by Farmers Manual. From thecrisp, multi-layered drum clicks of "D Conomic" to the fusion from theSeventh Layer of Hell of both "Mala Vista" and "3 Spot", Crankcertainly has fun showing us around his kaleidoscopic soundworld.