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This is the debut album from this band whose fans now seem to be growing exponentially.
  Thoughjudging by the instrumentation alone, this album seems to have no realconsistency to it, there is definitely a certain "Echoboy mood" thatglows through the whole disc, in instrumental and vocal tracks alike.The single of the album, "Kit and Holly," is a lovely blend of pleasantsounding keyboards and a nice guitar melody that mix very well with thelyric, "I've got to keep on running..." Great music for the road or forwalking around town with headphones, dancing to yourself. There aremany tracks that consist of simple keyboard programming with guitar orbass strummed down on top, making a nice, quaint sound. The album isreally well produced and constructed, especially for a debut. Echoboywill soon be playing in Barcelona at the Sonar Fest 2000, as well asother European dates.