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ELPH, "20' TO 2000"

Alas, the final installment of the 20 minutes to 2000 series from Germany's Raster-Noton label. ELpH (a.k.a. Coil) constructs the December issue, the most interesting and least minimal bit from the entire series.On the CD it says "elph.zwölf," the only words spoken (albeit electronically processed and repeated) in the 20 minute long track. (For those who don't speak German, elf = eleven and zwölf = twelve, quite appropriate for the twelfth release of the series.) What separates this release from nearly all of the rest of the series is the fact that this track is actually interesting, moving and evolving over the entire 20 minutes. Low drones open up, rhythmic electronic loops and clicks come in, sound builds with swirling electronic voices added to the mix, drones get louder to a climax and then it quiets down towards the end, ending on a festive fanfare, destructed almost v/vm-like, short and sweet. This disc will no doubt be the most sought-after and difficult to find of the entire series, all of which have pressings limited to around 1,000 copies. Best of luck!