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The press releases states that Fontanelle consists of four members, two of which were members of the now-defunct Jessamine.
  The statement then goes on to say Jessamineshould not be used as a reference, but as a departing point forFontanelle's sound. Well, after many listens, I probably would havenever have placed the band's self-titled album in any category withJessamine. Instead, the first band that comes to mind after hearing"Picture Start:," the album's opening track, is Isotope 217. Maybe it'sthe analog synths, the bobbing basslines, or the organic funk, but thealbum conjures up images of jazz--funky, homebrewed jazz. While therearen't any horns on the album, it doesn't take much to imagine themthere, and the drum and keyboards help to fill in the bubbling mix witha variety of textures and melodies. "Niagara" begins with a broodingguitars and brushed drum beats, building and building until it subsidesinto quietness and the albums third track, "Reflex vs. Parallax." Aslower, more downbeat track filled with repeated piano chords andwell-crafted guitar work, it serves as the perfect soundtrack to rainynights and hazy visions. The album ends with "Counterweight," abeat-driven number accented by scif-fi guitar effects and bubbling bassnotes. This release, while sometimes a bit slow for me, is just what Ineed to supplement these long summer nights spent reading and writinglong, sentimental letters.