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Gas is Wolfgang Voigt aka Mike Ink, Mint, Digital, Love Inc, Grungerman, etc. and head of the Profan and Studio 1 labels.
  "Pop" is his 4th full-length release as Gasand judging from the artwork it continues the 'forest' theme of thelast few albums. The near 66 minutes are split up into 7 untitledtracks ranging from 5 to 15 minutes in length. Each track has the samebasic formula: loop and repeat, ad nauseum. Voigt uses a variety ofdense and mildly melodic atmospheres somewhere between gaseous andliquid states. They simply flow on repeat for the duration of the trackwith little to no change. Add a simple techno beat to 2 tracks andthere you have it. "Pop" is relaxing but it's also very tedious, evenas 'background' music, due to it's excessive and pointless repetition.Instead of drawing me in it makes me want to play something else that'smore fully developed and more interesting. And the title? You've got me...