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Also on the minimalist rhythmic tip this week, Chris Carter & Ian Boddy have joined together for the "Caged" CD release.
The mesmerising anddecadent low cool rhythms and music run deep and delicious throughoutthe entire disc. It amazes me that Chris Carter has pulled through inthe last few years to release some of the mose surprisingly excellentmusic in his entire career. I have to admit I had not been a big fan ofhis post-Throbbing Gristle works alone or with Cosey Fanni Tutti untilthe 90s. "Small Moon," "Disobedience," and the live CD recorded at theFestival of Drifting, "Union" have all astounded me and solidified aplace in my heart for them. According to their website, there's arenewed possibility of a collaborative recording with another post-TGband whose name begins with C!!! Well, back to this release,unfortunately it's limited, but should not be avoided. For all I know,it's only obtainable through