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James Plotkin's Atomsmasher

I honestly think this disc's been out for quite a while, but it's beenquite a bitch to find around Boston. My personal theory suggests thatsince the label's based out of Boston, most local stores are afraid tocarry it. grrrrrrr. James Plotkin and DJ Speedranch are the farthestthing from local, however.The debut full-length album is an onslaughtof speedmetal-esque mathematical digital aggression, a supersonicbulldozer with a touch of class and humor. Plotkin's mega playing andediting abilities combined with Speedranch's squelches and DavidWhite's drumming is a winning combination Painkiller would be proud of.Once known as simply Atomsmasher, the trio had to change their namewhen some terrible hair band threatened action. Action is certainly thekey to this music however, with songs which don't give the listenersmuch breathing space. (Hint: check your heart rate by the time the discreaches track 9). The origins of the songs sound like they started outin seemingly innocent jam sessions, only to be chopped up andreassembled like a quirky robot with parts falling off. With headphoneson I feel like I'm stuck in a nightmarish Japanese video game,completely unsuitable for children under five as the repetitiousstrobelights will give them seizures. Driving in the car is a differentstory, and is guaranteed to get really interesting stares. Impress yourfriends, freak out your animals and show up your co-workers who likethat pussy Fred Durst-related shit. -