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Jasmine Guffond, "Microphone Permission" Microphone Permission, Jasmine Guffond has created some truly rapturous detours and alleyways in sound. The ever shifting musical landscape is like an aural house of mirrors, though there is nothing circus-like about this project. It contains inward, reflective compositions—at times somber and at other times buzzing about—but always interesting and beautiful.


Editions Mego

"Forever Listening" is a standout song and the opening introduction to the album. It is a malleable collection of chromatic bends and sly arches of sound made with lovely, eerie harmonies. "Dotcompound" opens sounding like something from Edgar Allan Poe's chambers with its creaks and rattles and trilling, ghostly strings. Oddly, it evolves into something that could be heard at a 1980s throwback club, with synth pads and digital drums.

"Default Cultures" is another highlight, with a locomotion to it that is oddly reminiscent of Kraftwerk. Doll-like female vocals spackle this short, angular song. "An Utterly Dark Spot" is a fine conclusion to the album, opening like a question mark and evolving into a twelve minute sketch of a ride through a tunnel, with bell-like tones bouncing off the smooth enclosed walls and gentle vocals daubing the warm, scratchy bed of static.

I loved this album. It has a certain continuity of story to it as an album even though each song is remarkably unique.

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