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Kammerflimmer Kollektief, "Hysteria"

The latest release from Thomas Weber's Munich-based 'ShimmeringCollective' is somewhat of a crossover between the previous twofull-lenthers recently issued in North America by Temporary Residence.The six-song EP continues with Weber's love of both organic jazz/improvand affinity for electronics, almost split down the middle between thecollective playing and Weber's solo electronic journeys.
The tunesrange from a slow-paced but steadily moving opener led by a hypnoticdouble-bass loop, through battles with electronic glitchery, organicimprov and screechy horns and to an atmospherically-enhancedelectronics and drums track, "Auguri, Auguri" which I'd easily considera dead ringer for a 21st century tribute to Sun Ra. If that's toofar-out, the mood comes back to earth for the next track, "Du siehsthoch; du siest 'Wolken'," deceptively improvisational, but digitallycreated with looped drums and percussion, electronic beats and basslinewith sampled and layered strings. The disc closes almost in the sameway it opens, with a sultry double-bass melody in the foreground;subtle, atmospheric electric guitars most likely played with kitchenutensils; a repetitious acoustic guitar melody organic drums and anon-deafening saxophone.