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Here's what happens when you go looking in a section from a band you've recently fallen in love with but know very little about.
  I found these two discs shoved in asection that had releases from the Notwist and remembered Payola's thelabel Console is on, so naturally I thought it was yet another sideproject from these guys who also spawned the Tied + Tickled Trio. Uponfurther research, I was surprised that I can't find anything tying themembers together. The 'Shimmering Collective' (the German translationof their name) is a project orchestrated mainly by Thomas Weber - bothof these releases came out about the same time on Payola from Germany(from what I can gather). Both discs are incredibly solid and anexcellent listen. Maander is a jazz influenced jam combining loads ofelectronic beats with organic instrumentation. Incommunicado on theother hand is also jazz improv influenced, but is much moreexperimental in nature, it's considerably calmer with lower frequencysounds, trading in the clockwork beats for live drums and disregardingthe stringent structure. Fans of Isotope, Chicago Underground and other'new school' jazzy electronic groups would most enjoy these albums,well worth the find.