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Did you actually go by a week without getting anything new from Kid 606?
  The world can rejoicenow that the Soccergirl EP is out through Carpark (Canada). This EPexplores more of the minimalistic tendencies of Kid 606 rather than thepunchy and beefy stuff characterized by many of his full-lengthreleases. Judging from the titles I think this CD is Kid's attempt at acollection of love songs. It is dedicated to the mysterious Jessica andincludes titles like "If My Heart Ever Ran Away It Would Be Looking forthe Day When Right Beside You It Could Forever Stay," but sadly enoughends with the track titled, "Over." Maybe Jessica was left behind whenKid made the move to San Francisco. Regardless, if you're looking forthe drum and bass hardcore to the floor, stay away from the Soccergirl,but if you're into chirping and chiming, pulsing pretty loopingmelodies then this disc might be for you.