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As the title says, this 7" release was available at the recent Kid 606 dates throughout Europe. Again, a split release from 555 Recordings of LeedsUK, the Kid's side consists of three tracks - all very short,especially at 45rpm on a 7". "Start/over" is a droney melodic piece, asis the last track, "Relive yr unhappy childhood." However, the middletrack, "attn:vat!" is very statically beat-driven, with subtle odditiesgoing on through the background. Fun stuff. Side AA is Lesser, with twotracks: "epic act" and "awful way to go." It starts out with Lesser'sshout out to Kid 606 and "those that don't like it, eat a bowl of dicks- those that do, blast these kicks." At which point the butchery ofFaith No More's "Epic" blasts through with extreme, V/VM-styled beatsand morphs of the original. The latter track is mostly noise andmachine-gun-styled drumbeats. A very fun and release, as most 606releases are.