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Kyle Bobby Dunn, "Rural Route No. 2"

cover imageClocking in at a meager 20 minutes, these two tracks mix ambience, noise, and traditional instrumentation into a fog that is sparse, yet complex, and has moments of arid beauty as well as dark, sinister passages. More than a few times this young composer reminded me of some of Organum's best moments, which is a massive compliment.

Standard Form

"Dissonant Distances" is a slow build into glassy feedback, with an organic ambience under it that succumbs to harsher tones throughout.It's a complex piece that is restrained and pensive throughout, with a darker turn towards the end.It is this piece especially that shows Dunn’s ability to create sounds that move and develop, but within a structured framework to never feel aimless or random.

"Senium III" begins with church-like bell tones, heavily reverberated and echoed into a sparse, but regal sound.The tone and drama that’s conveyed in this really simple composition really reminded me of Jackman’s recent work, specifically the "holy" trinity of Sanctus, Omega and Amen from recent years.The spiritual quality of these tones is very similar, though here there is more development and variation than on those Organum discs.

Kyle Bobby Dunn is a relatively new name in this scene, but already he shows a strong ear for drama and tension within the world of sound.This EP is a great example and he brings along the cold, overcast terrain of his childhood home with it.There’s drama, mystery, tension, and beauty contained herein, which is pretty impressive considering the small scale of this release.