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Not just your regular remix album. This one kicks major booty withtracks from previous Laub CDs that have been reworked by folks likePole, Schneider TM and Coldcut.A climactic symphonic opening trackremixed by Clifford Gilberto opens the disc which kicks into a fierceoverdrive within about a minute, using a drum and bass style playeddrum kit, upright bass, jazzy piano and various other classicalinstruments. Gonzales remixes "Wake Up" into a mesmerizing head-bobbingfunky stepping tune, Full Swing reworks "Welt Weg" into captivatingpulsing tone bursts, Pole give us a static electronic version of"Grau," Elektronauten and Mathias Schaffhauser each present liquiddubby drifting sounding remixes, and Schneider TM gives us a densedistorted remix of Urlaub. Various others round out the rest of thedisc with equally impressive and unique revamped versions ranging frommore thumping jagged drum and bass influenced beats, distorted noisegems and complex post-kraut rock electronica. For those not yet intoLaub, this is a great starting point with over an hour and 12 freshremixes by some other excellent artists.