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For those of you who havethe opportunity to see the tour for this new album, take it, andexperience the unique space rock jam sessions that focus on this newmaterial. 
Their new direction is improvisation andall-out jamming, and the music on this disc is some of a very joyousand new nature to the Pink Dots. The lyrics are wonderful, of course,sticking to Edward’s excellent story-telling style, but most of themhave a more rhyme-schemed, verse, chorus, verse style that is very outof the ordinary for him. Niels van Hoornblower’s winds are throughoutthe disc, as well as Ryan Moore’s distinct dub style and TheSilverman’s wonderfully eerie and spacey keyboards and effects. Martijnde Kleer mostly plays guitar, it seems, but also adds in superb violinson such tracks as "Skeltzer Spletzer." The CD really brings you back tothe show, with a spellbinding and uplifting feeling - upbeat and moresolemn tracks alike. As Edward said in a recent interview, a lot of themusic on this disc "could never, in fact, be repeated."