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louie austen, "only tonight"

I don't want to sound sexist, but there is something sort of endearingabout a short, horny Canadian chick with an afro and hairy armpits inskin-tight clothing prancing around and singing about her sexuality.
Those who know Peaches know exactly what I mean. Perhaps it's the uglyduckling all grown up and having so much fun that it's amazinglyattractive. An old, balding Austrian on the other hand, singing aboutgrabbing his shaft between songs in which he pulls a lounge singerroutine, is downright disturbing. Especially with the spoken wordtracks with a fake NY accent picked up by hours in front of Godfathermovies. It should come as no surprise this release originates from theCheap label and arrives via Kitty Yo. I feel like I'm in a nightmare,stuck in an airport in Munich, desperately trying to get the hell outof the country. Time drags as all flights are delayed and I'm forced towatch drunken old men doing karaoke in a bar. Somebody pinch me. I'mtoo damned sober for this. -