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While the vocals are unmistakenly Low, the music is not unmistakenly Spring Heel Jack.
  This4-track 17 minute EP is probably the most quiet thing Spring Heel Jackhave ever touched. It's even quieter than most Low albums on the whole.Beat-less yet not without a pulse, Spring Heel Jack incorporate theirfascinaction with imitation orchestral works while Alan and Mimi bringto the table lyrics inspired by (clearly in the case of "Hand SoSmall") the arrival of their daughter into the world. To me, thecollaboration sounds more like a Low EP with the guitar, bass and drumsremoved, leaving only the vocals, keyboard instruments and effects.While the first listening didn't grab me as does most of the music (oneither group's part), over a few times it really has grown on me.Collect this together with The Exit Papers and the Pan American trackand you've got a great album's worth of new Low tracks!