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What a tease! While thefans still wait with baited breath for that Red House Paintersfull-lengther "Old Ramon," we are tossed a reasonable selection oftable scraps.
  This is indeed that AC/DC tribute he's been threateningfans with for years. The seven songs consist of three AC/DC covertunes, "You Ain't Got A Hold On Me," "Bad Boy Boogie," and the titletrack. In addition to that, "Find Me, Ruben Olivares" from last year'sShanti Project appears as well as a Rachel Goswell-free version of"Around and Around" from the John Denver tribute out earlier this year.For the most part, the short disc is more low key than RHP albums inthat it is literally just Mark and his acoustic guitar. Gone are thebig loud booming guitar noises that add to the dynamics of pastfull-lengthers. Intereting to note: the covers both for this and the John Denver tribute both echo of old 4AD RHP covers.